The Jaekel House as the museum is named is a two storey colonial mansion situated in Ebute-meta, Lagos, Nigeria.It was built in 1898

It’s named after the late Francis Jaekel OBE, who was a former superintendent of NRC and was retired in the 1970s after serving for almost 3 decades.

The Jaekel house also used to be the residence of the general manager but was later converted to a staff rest house.

Professor John Godwin in partnership with the Nigerian Railway corporation in the year 2010 however restored renovated the building and thereby turning it into a potential tourism and historical site.

The Jaekel house is now a mini museum which proudly showcases photographic archives dating from as far back as the 1940s to the 70s.

It’s a well detailed compilation of personalities, places, historical events in the pre independent and post independent Nigeria and also has artefacts such as tools, equipment, attires, pictures and so on of the old Railway corporation.


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