The Internal Audit Department is saddled with the responsibility of providing continuous examination of the Accounting Records of Revenue and Expenditure in compliance with laid down Rules and Regulations as well as monitor the safeguard of Assets of the corporation. This is in line with the provisions of the Financial Regulations.

 In a Nutshell, the functions of the Department include but not limited to the following:

 ØEnsure Compliance with Policies and Procedures, Circulars, Audit Guidelines, Financial Regulations and other Extant Laws guiding Public Service Operations.

 ØAudit of all documents before disbursement of Public funds.

 ØPost Audit of All Transactions to ensure Value for Money. 

ØProper Monitoring of Revenues and ensuring all Earnings are Banked. 

ØAudit of Accounting Records and Financial Activities of all Facets of the Corporation. 

ØAudit of Payroll and Payroll matters. 

ØPeriodic Audit of the Corporation’s Facilities. 

ØMonitoring the Safeguard of the Corporation’s Assets.

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