ØDo you have Lagos – Ibadan trains on Sunday?

Answer: Yes, there is Lagos – Ibadan train service on Sunday. Please check the train schedule for more information.

Ø How many Lagos – Ibadan trains do you run daily?

Answer: There are two (2) return trips from Lagos to Ibadan daily. Please check the train schedule for more informations.

ØAre there narrow gauge trains from Lagos to Ilorin or Kano?

Answer: Lagos to Ilorin and Kano are presently not available please keep checking our website for updates for when this service will resume.

ØIs there a parking facility at the Mobolaji Johnson Station?

Answer: Yes there is, but vehicles are allowed for drop-off and pick-up only.

ØWhat are the acceptable means of identification on Lagos – Ibadan train services?

Answer: The acceptable means of identification are: Driver’s license, National Identification Card, International Passport and Voter’s Card.

ØWhat is the meaning of AKTS?

Answer: Abuja-Kaduna Train Service.

ØWhat is the meaning of LITS?

Answer: Lagos-Ibadan Train Service.

ØWhat the meaning of WITS?

Answer: Warri-Itakpe Train Service.



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