The Civil Engineering/Newlines Department consists of six sections namely: Permanent way (Track), works, bridges and structures, new lines and Quantity Survey. The Department is headed by a Director (Civil/Newlines), two Deputy Directors (Civil and Newlines), and Five Assistant Directors (Track, Newlines, works, Bridges/Structure, Architecture and Quantity surveying). 

 The Department is responsible for the construction, maintenance and renewal of railway tracks, bridges, and culverts and for all estate buildings, station buildings, internal roads, platforms, drains, water supplies, fence, workshops, running sheds, etc.

 The primary function of the department is the maintenance of existing tracks and supporting structures. It also maintains buildings, workshops and offices to ensure that they function optimally. The department also ensures that planning and management of rail construction is carried out in accordance with engineering standards including the development of track renewal programme and to create plans for future development.

 Other functions of the Department include:

ØTo provide professional advice to Management on general civil engineering matters in tracks, bridges and structures and other works related to efficient running of trains such as design, maintenance, operational strategies, planning etc.

Ø To ensure that line functions are optimally carried out through proper management of available man, materials and financial resources.

Ø To carry out vetting of consultants submissions such as engineering designs reports proposals and to indulge in price negotiation if necessary.

ØTo ensure quality delivery of projects through adequate monitoring and supervision of contractors, and project certification.

ØTo structure and manage the training and continued professional development of the staff in the department and students on SIWES and Youth Corpers (NYSC) including the works training school, Ebute Metta and the permanent way school, Zaria.

ØTo ensure that staff within the department act professionally, with integrity, highest ethics and against corrupt practices in accordance with engineering code of practice.

ØTo co-ordinate all activities effecting temporary speed restrictions to ensure minimal disruption of NRC systems availability.

ØTo ensure that all Engineering and safety standards, policies, and procedures are followed to ensure optimum service delivery and also to ensure compliance with corporate and legislative requirements.

ØTo ensure the maintenance of level crossing and wayleave registers and ensure approval of applications for new level crossing and way leaves from the Honourable Minister of Transport.

ØTo liaise with other department for the achievement of the corporate goals and objectives. 


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