MISSION: Developing structures and training strategies that would contribute to the national security by using modern technology. 

VISION : To put to work efficiency, humility and integrity in service delivery with a fresh zeal ; bring credibility into concept of security . 

FOCUS : Our focus shall be in the area of ​​broad based Information networking, monitoring of movement . 


ØDisaster & Crisis Management

The Corps shall assist in the maintenance of peace and order and in the protection and recovery of the civil population during the period of emergency. 

ØPrivate Guards Companies

Recommend to the Minister the registration of private guard companies , and time to time inspection of the premises of private guard companies, training facilities and approve same if it is up to standard . 

ØCritical National Asset & Infrastructure

Maintain twenty – four hours (24hrs) surveillance over infrastructures , Sites , and projects for the Federal , State , and Local government.

ØAnti – Vandalism

Enter and search premises and seize any suspected material to have been used in vandalization or suspected proceed of vandalization. 

ØIntelligence & Operations

Have the power to arrest with or without a warrant, detain, investigate and institute legal proceedings by or in the name , of the Attorney – General of the federation in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria against any person who is reasonably suspected to have committed an offense under this act or involved in any criminal activity , Civil Disorder , Vandalization of Critical National Asset and Infrastructure . 

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