AKTS UPDATE (3rd April 2022)

In our quest to keep the general public informed with on-going development regarding the clearing of the incident site (recovery of the rolling stock, repairs of the track) and status of Passengers that were on-board the AK 9 train of Monday 28th March 2022, the Corporation hereby provide the following updates as at end of work today 3rd April, 2022

  • Two (2No.) Coaches (SP 00016 and SP 00017) earlier re-railed were safely moved to Rigasa Station. This brings the total number of recovered Coaches and safely moved to NRC Stations to 7No.
  • Intensive work continues on track repairs. More concrete Sleepers were moved to site while some section of twisted tracks has been straightened.
  • Of the 362 validated passengers on board the attacked AK9 train service,
    • 186 persons on the manifest are confirmed to be safe and at their various homes (Additional 14 persons confirmed safe today)
    • 51 phone numbers on the manifest are either switched off or not reachable since Tuesday morning
    • 35 phone numbers on the manifest are ringing but no response from the other end
    • 60 phone numbers on the manifest when called response non-existent
    • 22 persons are reported missing by their relatives.
    • 8 persons confirmed dead.

We remain grateful to the Security Agencies for all the support. We are very appreciative of the Squadron Commander MOPOL 1 Kaduna visit to the accident site today. The NRC will continue to update the general public of developments to prevent misleading information and falsehood.
Thank you and God bless Nigeria.