Safety Advisory for Intending Customers
  • Using hand sanitizer: customers should use hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities as they enter the train, to reduce the risk of transmission in the trains
  • Queue Control: It’s vital that the customers take steps to minimize and control queueing when purchasing   tickets, boarding and alighting from the trains. Managing outside queues will help to ensure they do not cause risk to individuals, i.e., introducing queueing systems, using barriers and having staffs to direct customers.
  • Signage: Customers should adhere to instructions/visual aids. They should also obey train signals.
  • Customers should be careful when the train is in motion, they can only move, when necessary (e.g.), to use the restroom.
  • Their luggage’s especially hand luggage, should be well guarded in case of theft. Also, they should place their luggage well so as not to inconvenience other passengers.



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