NRC 2019 Budget

Nigerian Railway Corporation Appropriation Act 2019.

S/No. Line Item Amount Remark
1. Expenditure N34,913,156,266
2. Personnel Cost N8,099,778,963
3. Salary N7,189,776,856
4. Allowances and Social Contribution N910,002,107
5. Allowances N539,233,264
6. Social Contributions N370,768,843
7. NHIS N11,280,000
8. Contributory Pensions- Employers Contribution N359,488,843
9. Other Recurrent Costs N105,400,000
10. Social Benefits N1,900,000
11. Death Benefits N1,900,000
12. Overhead Cost N103,500,000
13. Travel & Transport – General N25,769,800
14. Local Travel & Transport: Training N4,775,000
15. Local Travel & Transport: Others N15,021,800
16. International Travel & Transport: Others N6,000,000
17. Utilities – General N3,800,000
18. Electricity Charges N3,300,000
19. Internet Access Charges N500,000
20. Materials and Supplies – General N8,522,000
21. Office Stationeries/Computer Consumables N8,000,000
22. Magazines and Periodicals N72,000
Printing of Security Documents N450,000
23. Maintenance Services – General N1,152,000
24. Maintenance of Motor Vehicles/Transport Equipment N1,152,000
25. Training – General N10,000,000
26. Consulting & Professional Services – General N28,000,000
27. Financial Consulting N19,000,000
28. Legal Services N9,000,000
29. Fuel & Lubricants – General N3,565,200
30. Motor Vehicle Fuel Cost N1,440,000
31. Plant/Generator Fuel Cost N2,125,200
32. Financial Charges – General N7,700,000
33. Insurance Premium N7,700,000
34. Miscellaneous N14,964,000
35. Honorarium & Sitting Allowance N4,724,000
36. Publicity & Advertisements N1,050,000
37. Recruitment and Appointment (Service wide) N200,000
38. Annual Budget Expenses and Administration N990,000
39. Anti-Corruption N1,000,000


S/NO. Project Name Type Amount
1. Monitoring and Evaluation of Programmes and Projects Ongoing N31,166,080
2. Computerization of Railway Fixed Assets and Stocks (Including procurement of Computers and Office Equipment) Ongoing N32,648,000
3. Maintenance of Roads into Stations, Rest houses, Workshop, Chalets and Operational Residential Quarters. Ongoing N677,850,000
4. Zaria to Kaura Namoda Track Rehabilitation Ongoing N247,013,016
5. Rehabilitation of Track from Porthacourt to Makurdi Ongoing N847,473,600
6. Revision of Estimated Total Cost for the Consultancy Services for Rehabilitation of Nigerian Railway Track Network and Signaling (Inclusive of taxes) Ongoing N20,000,000
7. Maintenance of Track (Including Emergency Recovery, Bridge and Culverts Repair) Ongoing N2,002,833,869
8. Procurement of Diesel (AGO) for the Power Cars and Locomotives Ongoing N810,550,080
9. Procurement of Spare Parts (Including Lubricants) for the Locomotives, Coaches and Wagons. Ongoing N2,572,410,989
10. Insurance of Locomotives and Rolling Stock. Ongoing N751,044,525
11. Karu to Maiduguri Narrow Guage Track Rehabilitation. Ongoing N2,020,226,237
12. Rehabilitation of Railway Track Sidings, Loop Lines and Level Crossings from Lagos to Kano and Construction of New Branch Line Link from KM896 of the existing Railline to the 215MW Power Plant at Kudenda, Kaduna. Ongoing N598,201,849
13. Track Rehabilitation from Makurdi to Jos to Kafanchan to Kaduna Junction. Ongoing N2,093,246,713
14. Procurement and Rehabilitation of Locomotives and Rolling Stock (for SG/NG). Ongoing N6,039,280,743
15. Procurement of Workshop Equipment and Rolling Stock. Ongoing N3,381,863,581
16. Design, Manufacture, Supply, Install and Commissioning of Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes for Carriage and Wagons Workshop. Ongoing N2,000,000,000
17. Environmental Management, Coaches Cleaning and Debushing. Ongoing N202,503,136
18. Rehabilitation of Stations and Other Railway Buildings. Ongoing N317,193,544