Administration and HR

The Administration Department is one of the eight major departments of the Corporation saddled with the responsibilities of:

  • working with the Chief Executive in establishing procedures for the management of the human resources of the Corporation.
  • Carrying out studies in the development of personnel policies and making recommendations to the Chief Executive for prompt implementation
  • Ensuring that the Corporation’s varying staff needs are met and changes effected as appropriate.
  • Keeping personnel policies up to date, reflecting changes as they occur and ensuring that the Corporation’s staff are duly informed of the change in such policies and procedures.
  • Developing the systems and forms necessary for routine implementation of personnel policies and practices.
  • monitoring the implementation of polices throughout the system and ensuring fairness and consistency in their application.
  • Monitoring and co-ordinating the implementation of performance appraisal of all the staff.
  • Conducting salary surveys, fringe benefits and ensuring that they are within the approved Federal Government Salary Structure.
  • Taking charge of all activities needed in recruiting support and auxiliary services staff.
  • Co-ordinating, in conjunction with line Managers the day to day staffing of their units and ensuring that activities such as leave, and transfers are properly planned to minimize disruption of job in the industry.
  • Supervising the maintenance of all staff records and files and ensuring their completeness at all tines.
  • Authorizing the payment of salaries and benefits as specified in the staff regulations.