We are engaged in freight train operations crisscrossing the length and breadth of Nigerian covering 280 stations in 19 states. We have the capacity to move cement, rice, salt, sugar, fertilizer, wheat, billet, cars, coil, petroleum products and other general goods. Other traffic includes cattle, rams, grains, kaolin, clinker which are south-bound traffic. There are two rail-served Inland Container dry Ports at Kaduna and Kano where NRC’s presence is registered. Our tariff is very reasonable and attractive. We offer “block train” and “pick-up” services too. A value-added service of “Goods-In-Transit” insurance policy is in place.

NRC operates long distance express passenger train services from Port-Harcourt(the garden city) to Kano and Lagos to Kano every Friday. There are also express trains from Lagos to Jos and Maiduguri, Port-Harcourt to Jos and Maiduguri. These services offer full air conditioning to the 1st class “seater” or “sleeper” luxury saloons, with restaurant cars equipped with conveniences. There are also standard class-coaches with adequate head room/ luggage racks and parcels’ vans on courier service. These trains traverse into the interiors of Nigeria’s vast green lands through the savannah, exposing the scenic beauty of the country. Luxury coaches (full house on-wheels) with exposed veranda for outdoor viewing, palour, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, store and visitors room are also available for hire.


Up Train
  First Trip Second Trip Third Trip
  Arrive Depart Arrive Depart Arrive Depart
Idu 0600hrs 1155hrs 1745hrs
Kubwa 0616hrs 0621hrs 1211hrs 1216hrs 1801hrs 1806hrs
Rigasa 0825hrs 1420hrs 2010hrs


Down Train
  First Trip Second Trip Third Trip
  Arrive Depart Arrive Depart Arrive Depart
Rigasa 0900hrs 1450hrs 2040hrs
Kubwa 1104hrs 1109hrs 1654hrs 1659hrs 2244hrs 2249hrs
Idu 1125hrs 1715hrs 2305hrs